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Mardi Gras Parade Sak   
Yield Depending on your Thermos


Choice of thermos...  Whatever size you choose.  See pic on Right and Chef's Notes:

Sake`   To match by volume

1 or 2   LIMES (Sliced into wedges)

This should NOT be a recipe.... BUT here goes...

Measure your chosen thermos by filling it with water, then pour into a graduated container.  Record results. Pour the water into a pot and bring to a boil.... add the hot water to the thermos.   This will preheat the inside of the thermos.


Use the measured volume of water and lightly heat an equal amount of Sake in a microwave.  Pour into the empty thermos... DRINK!!

This will warm YA!!Plate Presentation
l like to bite into a lime wedge after sippin'.  

Chef's Notes:
I like to use the thermos in the pic (16oz)... it is small and tubular... so it fits in a backpack or even a winter coat... It has an insulated small cup (2oz) for sipping..... and best of all the top has a pushbutton release so you only need one hand to hold and open the container!!  Easy pouring into the cup!!!


This will warm you on a cold parade route..... BUT,   You are going to want to eat Sushi after the parade!! Trust me!


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