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Fix-Ya-Own Bloody Mary Party Bar Pics!


Pickled Eggs, Corn and MirilitonThese are my own pickled eggs, baby corn, kalamata pitted olives and mirilton (chayote squash) spears.  Pickled Carrots, Ripe Jalepenos, Baby Corn, Garlic and Green Sting BeansHave these ready on your Breakfast and Bloody Mary bar.


On the right are my Pickled Red Ripe Jalapeño Peppers, Baby Carrots, Garlic, Green String Beans... See Recipe










Commercially Available  Spice Beans, Tabasco... Fantastic!!!


      Commercially Available  Sweet Peppers and Pickled Carrots







Commercially Available   Stuart's Cajun Dill Beans.... Probably the best you can purchase commercially!






Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic, Olives



This is the best value and selection... our local supermarkets have bins with pickled veggies!! Notice on left the mushrooms, roasted garlic, stuffed olives and sundried tomatoes, the middle pic has mixed olives and finally!  Finally, Pickled pepperdews and artichoke hearts...... I put a little of each as my selections!

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