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BBQ Equipment Choices

When choosing a BBQ pit look for a grilling surface that is porcelain coated. They are more easily cleaned and last many years with little maintenance over the steel grating type.

Choose a BBQ pit that has a metal lid, this will allow the pit to be used for roasting as well as grilling.

I prefer a BBQ pit that is made of cast aluminum. Steel pits will rust easily and thus need to be replaced frequently.

Choose a pit that can be used for both grilling and roasting, also one that is large enough to hold a fire on one side of the pit with the meat on the other.

There is little difference in flavor between a gas or coal fired BBQ pit. Most residential gas grills will not produce as much heat as a charcoal pit will produce, however, for most applications they will suffice. A gas grill is easier to light, less costly to operate (gas is cheaper than starter fluid and charcoal), faster to use (since warm-up time is reduced), and easier to control the heat, and normally easier to clean (no messy ashes to pick up after). Gas grills do require new burners and lava rocks about every two years (these can cost as much as one third the original purchase price of the grill).

Look for a pit that has two burners, this is a great help when grilling different thickness of meat.

Those electronic starter buttons on outdoor pits are a joke, don’t pay extra for them.

Electrical pits are usually limited in heat output, I personally do not recommend one.

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