Audubon Nature Institute's

 Zoo to Do

May 1, 2009


This year's event was to raise money for the Asian Elephant Domain, and boy did they!  Check out how they decorated the Elephant sculptures and fountain!

This sight was just across from our food table.   Again we were the #1 food table!!! A location that we Elephant Poolhave earned for well over 10 years!!!


Helping me this year was long time friend Mr. David Frank, Michelle, John (Mimi's boyfriend and the one taking the pics) and of course! Ann.






Once again we cooked and served our Herbal Chicken Pasta.   SOOOOO many people come up to me during the night about how GREAT our dish is!!!  A lot of people come back for seconds and even thirds! NOW that an indication of a great dish!  Many people tell us that our Herbal Chicken Pasta is one of the reasons they go to Zoo To Do.!  WOW!


Even late into the night Ann and David were serving food,  THANKS GUYS!!


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