2008 Zoo to DoZoo to Do 2008 Audubon Nature Institute's

 Zoo to Do, May 2, 2008


Skeeter BirdThis year's Zoo to Do theme was to celebrate our "Fine Feathered Friends"!  So we thought we would celebrate Skeeter Bird Setting up for Zoo to Doand decorate our table in blue and white flowers and with his bamboo cages!

It was a rainy day and we had fears that the downpour would spoil our fun at New Orleans' favorite gala. So we brought our patio umbrella and passed a good time Cher!


Sharon, Laurent and Marc StieffelThe umbrella proved useful because around about 6pm it started to rain.  There were times through out the night when it would start to drizzle, and my burners and food were protected!  That umbrella is gonna become a fixture for our display!

Neon at dusk.Neon at night.My friend Sous Chef Ricky LoRusso gave me a neon sign of blue winged bird drinking from a martini glass! That is a perfect display for Skeeter Bird!. We "planted" it in a hanging vine then suspended it from our umbrella.  It became the centerpiece for our display.


Ann and I

Our donation dish is our signature Herbal Chicken Pasta, Zoo To Do food service.sooooo many people came back for seconds and thirds!!  That is why we have earned the Number 1 food station at the Zoo to Do!  In the 3 plus hours that we are serving we, produce well over 2,000 servings! WOW!  I don't have time to say much more than "Hi" to our many friends and customers.


Our GREAT Herbal Chicken Pasta, table decorations and fast service make us the "People's Choice" at the Audubon Nature Institute's Zoo to Do! We are a "Gold" sponsor which means that we have been donating to the event for over 20 years! 


Sometimes its all a blur!

Michelle and Laurent Stieffel The Zoo to Do sent us a nice Thank You note tooooo!


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