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WDSU TV, New Orleans,  June 3, 2007 

Laurent and I prepping for our on camera cooking.

Dan and I are on camera, cooking Grillades.... Today are cooking for the volunteers for the Children's Hospital Miracle Network.  This is a live show and the Vols are manning the phones, and when they are finished, WOW, can they eat.   So for this Sunday Morning we are cooking our Cajun Grillades and Creamy Grits

Our portion of the LIVE broadcast is only 30 minutes, so we have alot to prep and to planing if this is going to come off.  We have three segments during the half hour, our first was to explain what we are cooking and what is needed to cook Grillades. 

Dan Milham adds a grillade.    The second segment was the longest one. We needed to continue with making the sauce for the grillades, cook the grits, and mostly to interview Laurent about his experience with Children's Hospital.

.... WE even get Dan into the cooking!! He can interview us and cook, what a PRO!!!

Dan Milham interviews Chef Emile


     Well almost finished! Just gotta let the Grillades to simmer! Laurent is making sure that the sauce doesn't burn. 

We had such little time to cook, so we had to keep the heat up high while continually stirring the Dutch Oven. Laurent was doing that, while I made the grits (lover corner of the pic.)


  Behind the scenes, we had already prepared two chaffers of Grillades and Grits for everyone!  They had seen the final product, so they just couldn't wait for our On Air time to end so everyone could eat! (Notice all of our boxes that are off camera!!!)

Just about finished!!! Dan, Now it is time to eat! Check out his fork!



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