Gallier Hall Muse's ParadeCamp Street Muse's Parade


MKA Mardi Gras Bash

Thursday, February 23, 2017



This is the view from my brother's office balcony.. The pic on the left is looking down Camp St and the right is Gallier Hall and Lafayette Square.  WOW!!!

I've been catering for many years..... and this is one of the best events that I do!! 

OK... let's start with the menu......

MKA Conference Room

6 Gallon Pot of Jambalaya

6 gals of Cream Grits....

with 20 lbs of Seared Gulf Shrimp and 4 gals of Cajun Pork Grillards.

MKA Jambalaya HIT HARD!!!MKA Pineapple Cactus.... Leftovers from 10 LBS Shrimp4 gals of Beef Stroganoff

4 gals of Black-eyed Peas, Ham and Tasso!

Pineapple Cactus with Boiled Gulf Shrimp








ServPro Annex Room

Again.... Let's start with the menu:

Smoke/Roasted Whole Pig (72 lbs!)

30 lbs Pulled Pork Butts... Smoked with Pecan Wood

Fresh Cajun Sausage Smoking.... Just getting a little brown!30 lbs Pulled/Deboned Chicken seasoned with Roasted Chipotle Peppers

10 Gallon Pot of Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya


Cajun Charcurchie of:

Sliced Andouille (Jacob's), Cubed Tasso (Poche's), Sliced Green Onion, Hot and Mild Pecan Smoked Sausage!

20 lbs of Smoke/Roasted Pork Bellies

Hi-Do (a Highly Acclaimed Vietnam Bakery) Pistolettes, Condiments and Relishes!


WOW!!!! Look at that beauty!  A 72 lb fully smoke/roasted by my nephew Joe Stieffel....

THEN... A little later...... the guests hit it HARD!!!


Pulled Smoke/Roasted Pork ButtDisplay Table Pulled Smoke/Roasted Pork Butt


Ya gotta admit... That is a great display!








MDD Chef Manned Station/Kitchen

(Matson Driscoll & Damico LLP... Forensic Accountants)


The Menu!!

20 Lbs - Rosemary Marinated and Seared Lamb Chops

5 Lbs - Cajun Marinated then Seared Sea Scallops

60 Lbs- Cubed Beef Filet Mignon and Button Mushrooms in a Creole Mustard Diane Sauce

20 Lbs - 16 count Louisiana Gulf Shrimp Seared in Creole Seasonings


No Pics yet..... maybe some will show up!!



And the band played on!!


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