Popp's Fountain, City Park, New OrleansAimee and Jacob's Wedding Reception

Popp's Fountain and The Arbor Room

City Park, New Orleans

Saturday, June 2, 2012



Popp's Fountain and GardensPopp's Fountain in City Park is one of my favorite places on Earth!! Really!   It reminds me so much of the manicured gardens of the now defunct Hodges Gardens in Many, LA.  I have been having picnics at Popp's since I was a kid in high school... Popp's Fountain and GardensIt holds very fond memories for me......








The Arbor Room, City Park, New OrleansWell, now there is a new memory.  I catered a wedding reception in the new Arbor Room.  At first I was a little put back by the design of the room.... It just didn't seem to fit the Grecian design of the fountain.


If you look closely at the pics along the exterior of the room they have installed aluminum trellises on many of the sides.  This is designed for flowering vines to grow on and over the walkways.  What a GREAT idea, in time this building will blend in so naturally with the green vistas of the fountain.  

















Our Menu:

Cajun Meat Carving:

Cochon de Lait with Pulled Pork

Smoke/Roasted Brisket

Creole Rice Station:

Throwdown Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage

Black Eyed Peas with Country Smoked Ham

The Big Chill Station

Cheese Block Assortment

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Tray

The Creole Kitchen Station

Pork Grillards with Creamy Grits



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