Oilfield Chili Cookoff

Boomtown Casino

March 5, 2005

Ok, this was one CRAZY DAY!!!

Rockin' Jake adds some Badmouth Hot Sauce


Rockin' Jake starts the day off with a little of his Badmouth Hot Sauce in our "Official House Chili" pot.  We used our 100 gallon pot, with more than 700 lbs of meat, 150 lbs of onions, and gallons of seasonings!

We cooked two pots of chili this day. Our first was our competition pot in the "Guest" Division. Chef Vincent Salidano watches our pot. BTW, we were a top 5 Finalist in the Cookoff! Vincent stirs our competion pot.


Chris starts up the fire on the BIG pot.Mr. Chris (Cajun) Curole was in town from the "Chilly" north of MAINE!!   He started up the fire on our "House" Chili.  We were very honored to be asked to cook the representative "Public" Chili for the OCASI.

Rockin' Jake adds that personal TOUCH. He displays his wrap around technique in stirring a chili pot.







The three Emile's!! Emile III, Emile IV, and Emile II.

Ms. Clyde helps cook!Ms. Clyde even gets into the act to help cook the Official House Chili!!


Rockin' Jake and his Badmouth Hot Sauce!

Rockin' Jake adds another drop of Badmouth Hot Sauce to finish the pot!

NOW, we can serve well over 2,000 servings!


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