Harold Mollere's 80th Birthday Party

and Family Reunion

November 8, 2008

Harold and Volee Mollere

What a beautiful couple, Harold and Verlee Mollere, of Metairie, Louisiana!! 

It was Harold's 80th Birthday and he was going to party!!




Ms. Verlee picked out a great menu of  ......

Seafood Gumbo with Chicken Stock Rice
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Breaded chicken strips with Creole Mustard Dipping Sauce
Mini Muffalettas
Oyster Patties
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Mollere Buffet TableCheese, Fruit and Vegetable Trays

Then as Lagniappe, we through in a homemade Louisiana Mushroom Soup!

The party was not just for Harold but was a reunion for the entire family there were people from all over the nation!!

YEP, it was a party!! 

Ms. Kim Kahoe was our bartender for the evening!!




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