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 Golf Tournament and Crawfish Boil, June 20, 2008

Dr Marco Rodriguez chows down!!Dr Marco Rodriguez hitting the Jambalaya before hitting some golf balls! 

DILLGAF is the annual golf tournament hosted by LSU Orthopedics for their resident doctors at the Bayou Barriere Golf Club just South of New Orleans, Louisiana.  And for at least, the last ten years we have catered the event!!!  What we do is kick off the day with some Jambalaya and a make your own Hot Dog stand! The guys set up an entire table of ingredients to make Bloody Marys! Then they roll out to hit those golf balls.


Adding Crawfish to the Boiling Pot!


OK, OK, It's time to boil up some crawfish!!!





Laurent and I boiled almost 500 lbs of crawfish to feed these golfers!!  (Notice the sacks of crawfish in the bed of the truck!!!)  I had to drop off the pot and equipment, set everything up, THEN go pick up the crawfish! NOW, that is a LOAD of CRAWFISH!!




Ya gotta be careful adding the crawfish! This is boiling brew of potatoes, onions, celery and cayenne, if a couple of drops would splatter up in your face it will burn for days!!!


 Some of the crawfish try to escape!Crawfish by the net full!!! I caught them! AND of course, threw them into the pot!  It takes about 2 hours from lighting of the burners, boiling the potatoes, adding the seasonings, crawfish. THEN letting them soak up all of our South Louisiana flavors!!!



Waiting for Crawfish!!


Be patient guys the crawfish are almost ready, drink more beer!!






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