Bob and Heather's LSU Football Extravaganza

October 11, 2008

Smoke Roasted Cochon de Lait

 Who would have known that the biggest partier in the New Orleans Area lives in Kenner, LA!!!!  Smoke Roasted Cochon de Lait

Bob asked me to put together a Cajun themed football menu so, or course, I started with a Cochon de Lait. Since Bob was planning on having 100 people, I also proposed to smoke/roast a couple of boneless hind quarters.  While I was planning on heatin' up my pit, I suggested that we roast up smoked boudin, chaurice sausage and chaudins (stuffed pork stomachs).  Then to round our the menu I thought I would cook up a pot of Throwdown Jambalaya and our Shrimp Breaux Bridge.  NOW, that is a TRUE Cajun menu!!!!

Bob's Back Yard

Bob asked me to check out his house and back yard to make sure that what we were planning would work out.  WELL, Bob's back yard is designed with a Moroccan theme complete with a 40 foot multi- level garden pond and pergola.  Bob's InvitationI told him there was NO WAY that he could throw a 100 person party, but he persisted and it was ON!!

Bob, then sends out this invitation and has to bump up the food order because an additional 20 people are coming!

I was thinking, "This is NOT going to be good!"


GAME DAY! ...... I bring over a truck load of food.... 4 chaffers of Cajun cooking, a twelve gallon pot of Jambalaya, and the pig!

People are arriving 2 hours before kick-off!!!  He has hired a bartender (Lorrie) and Waiter (Clifton James).  Bob has also installed 4 - 42 inch plasma TVs, and 2 or 3 smaller ones!!! Everywhere you look you can view the game!!! WAY COOOOOOL!!! Plasma TVs over the pond!!He has set up dozens of folding chairs, in every nick and cranny of the garden.  In the house he has his 60 something inch TV in the den.  NOW that is party planning!!

Check out these wide screen plasma TVs OVER the pond!





LET the eating begin!!!


After the party Bob sent out this email and graciously allowed me to post it to my webpage. Check this out!!!

Hey Gang,
Heather and I wish to thank all of you that were able to attend Saturday Night's Cochon de Lait'/(football ???) Party.  We are sorry the rest of you could not make it.  You guy's missed passing a good time with the 100 or so that could make it. 
Chef Emile Stieffel's food was unbelievable.  This is the first time we have ever seen boiled shrimp take a back seat to any kind of food.  Chef Emile's food was nearly all gone while the boiled shrimp were left stranded in the refrigerator at the end of the party.  We will do this one every fall however, we have decided to have it on a LSU game we know they are going to win!!!  Never fret however, there is the SEC Championship Game.  It is very difficult and rare that two quality teams to meet twice in a season and the winner of the first game wins the second.  Of course LSU beat Georgia twice in a season but, this is entirely different. :)
This year we have established a new competition, The Annual Collins Lower Pond Swimming Championships.  That's right, the lower pond has been christened with a body.  We are not going to say who won the First Gold Metal for the Collins Lower Pond Swimming Championship, but you know who you are.  Last party it was , we hope. the first and last Bush Diving Contest that took the prize.  We forgot who won that one also. Heather wants a Christmas Party next.  What Heather wants Heather gets.  More coming on this later.  We will do the Superbowl  Party again.  The food theme yet to be determined.  So get ready gang for a Christmas Party in December (date?) and Super Bowl  XLll, Feb. 3, 2009.
Love All,
Bob & Heather
PS   Ok we will tell you, Heather said it was Ester Williams. 

At left, Heather and Bob Collins......, Bob sent me this email:  "Words can't describe how good the food was.  The number of thumbs up given by the party attendees were too numerous to count.."

Oh yea, there was a football game, but lets NOT talk about that ....

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