Good Day Sunshine!

 Children's Hospital Employee Picnic

October 3, 2008


Children's Hospital Picnic!  What a beautiful day we had!!!!  Sunshine, blue skies, low humidity and the temperature was in the mid 70's!!Children's Hospital Picnic, the food line is starting to form!!  This was the nicest day that New Orleans has had since MARCH!!   The HR Department supplied balloons, a DJ and even some games (Hula Hoop Contest!!)


The food service started at 11:00 am and went on until 1:30pm.  In just 2 1/2 hours we served 1,850 people!!

What we did was to set up 3 buffet lines, where the nurses, doctors, patients and parents could serve themselves down both sides of the lines.  Since not every department breaks for lunch at the same time, we had a constant and manageable food service!

Our menu for the day was Homestyle Potato Salad, Country Coleslaw, BBQ Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Chili, and Baked Pork and Beans.  The Hospital's Dietary Department supplied sweet desserts, soft drinks and water.


  The HR Department finally gets to eat, LAST!!Almost done for the first shift! 1,850 people served!! 




OMG!!!  1,851 Served!!

Chef Ricky LoRusso gets to eat too!!!

Notice we are using our Jambalaya Cooking Rig to cook our beans!! Cast Iron distributes heat much faster than aluminum or steel pans. Therefore, I like to use my cast iron pot because it is less likely to burn!


Not to forget the evening shift!! We served another 350 people starting at 5pm and finally closing at 6:30pm.  We broke down two of the serving lines, leaving just one working buffet.  That works well because again, different departments break at different times.

All in all, a GREAT day for the finest of health organizations in New Orleans.

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