New Orleans Soul Food and Drinks Cooking Class

Presented by WT's Continuing Education Dept.

Canyon, Texas

Friday, July 27, 2012

 About a week before I arrived, Ms Drew Belle Zerby wrote this article about my upcoming class.  Louisiana Flavor, Dated July 18, 2012

She then did a follow up article after the class "New 'Awlins' Style

And WOW a THIRD! Article entitled "Soulful Spice"

Mr. James Barrington of www.myplainview.com wrote this article! New Orleans 'Soul Food' Comes to WT Campus

WT's Continuing Education Dept. asked for comments.... THEY WERE OFF THE CHART!! WOW

.....about the New Orleans Soul Food and Drinks Cooking Class.....


The multimedia facilities at WT are FANTASTIC!!

Check out the live video screens in the background.  (left) The camera operator pans on me while I am moving around!!.. Even people seated in the rear can see up close what is happening!  And everyone can hear because I am miked!!!  They even have internet display capabilities.... We displayed an old map on New Orleans, and with a laser pointer, I was able to show at what grocery markets po-boys and muffalettas were invented!

So I asked the budding chefs that volunteered to stir,  and simmer the dishes we were going to prepare... a Creole sauce for the Catfish Court Bouillon, Muffalettas, Smothered Greens and Pain Perdu.

Because I have sooooo many great photos (Thanks to James Barrington) you can check out each station here....

Catfish Court Bouillion.....They really had to cook this!

6 Foot Long Muffalettas!! WOW

Smothered Mustard and Collard Greens

New Orleans Style Pain Perdu, (Lost Bread) or you may call them French Toast.

Adult Drinking Class, New Orleans Style


Mr. James Barrington of Canyon News Herald

Many THANKS to my GREAT friend Mr. James Barrington for permission to use his photographs in these pages!!!! You DA MAN!! He can be found at http://www.myplainview.com/canyon/


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