New Orleans Soul Food and Drinks Cooking Class

Presented by WT's Continuing Education Dept.

Canyon, Texas

Friday, July 27, 2012

 Po-Boy and Muffaletta



Before the class started we had placed Po Boy Finger Sandwiches on each of the attendee's tables.  We wanted people to have something to eat at all times and it gave me an opportunity to use the live TV screens and internet connection to give a brief history lesson of the 'roots' of Po Boys..


The muffaletta team had two tasks.... The first was to assemble the Muff Olive Salad...  I used the "mise en place" technique that I learned in SMSU.  We had pre measured and chopped carrots, celery, capers green and black olives, etc...... I "measured" the olive oil and vinegars!!



The plan was to assemble mini muffalettas... BUT, what Sysco had delivered was 6 foot long Italian Twist Breads!! OMG, THIS IS GONNA BE HUGE!!

Italian Twist BreadSOOO, while my muff olive salad team were working, the other chefs were placing the meats and cheeses on the bread!!




 Ms Drew Belle Zerby, with the Amarillo Magazine very beautifully describes her experience!!!  Drew is the furthest from the right, in the pic below....




























As a side note.... back in 1995 when I first started this website, I got my daughter to use MS Paint and color in the various GIF's that I purchased from MAPS Inc,,,, I have always loved this GIF....

NOW, I get to re-create it!!



Since, we had a second loaf of bread, I got my "Chefs" to make a second sandwich so that everyone could take a piece home!!   HUGE, Baby! 










You can see how proud they were of their creation!


NOW, On to the New Orleans Style Mustard and Collard Greens!


Mr. James Barrington of Canyon News Herald

Many THANKS to my GREAT friend Mr. James Barrington for permission to use his photographs in these pages!!!! You DA MAN!! He can be found at http://www.myplainview.com/canyon/


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