New Orleans Soul Food and Drinks Cooking Class

Presented by WT's Continuing Education Dept.

Canyon, Texas

Friday, July 27, 2012

Catfish Court Bouillion

Before the class started we cooked up 15 lbs of my Delta Dilled Catfish, I knew that we just couldn't do this in the class.... And a New Orleans style court bouillion is designed to be used to rejuvenate day old fried fish. 

So at the beginning of the class, I set up 4 cooking stations, and at each station we had 4 people cooking.  WTAMU President Pat O'Brien

Since each station took different times to prepare and cook, I thought it would be best to start with the catfish court bouillion station.  

Since the Creole Sauce took the longest to cook, we started with it.

So I asked the budding volunteer chefs to stir and simmer the Creole Sauce in my 12 gallon cast iron.  I left this in Canyon from our original Buffs on the Bayou.  I KNOW that President Pat O'Brien likes to lend a hand every time I crank up this rig!!





After sweating the "Holy Trinity" of veggies for about 15 minutes, they added tomatoes, wine and shrimp stock. OH, and OF COURSE, plenty Creole Seasonings.  Then they slow simmered the Creole Sauce for about an hour.

The catfish that we cooked earlier were smothered in the Creole Sauce and slowly heated in Aramark's kitchen.  THAT is TRUE Soul Food Cookin'.!!!


NOW, On to the New Orleans Original, the Muffaletta!

WT's Continuing Education Dept. asked for comments.... THEY WERE OFF THE CHART!! WOW


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