New Orleans Soul Food
Chef Emile Stieffel
Office of Continuing Education (OCE)
Program Evaluation

1.     The presenter was knowledgeable of the course content:

5 (excellent)                           30                                           
4 (above average)                  2         

3 (average)                            
2 (below average)

1 (poor)


2.      The presenter communicated that knowledge effectively:
5 (excellent)                           29

4 (above average)                  2                                 

3 (average)                             1
2 (below average)

1 (poor)


3.      What did you like best about the program?
“hands on involvement”
“very interactive! Awesome!”
was laid back and interactive”
“Historical Knowledge”
“mixed drinks”
“Tasting -
“drinks, and participation”
“the hospitality and food”
“Emile & his delicious food!”
“Audience Participation”
“interactive cooking”

“Chef Emile is personable & phenomenal”
“Chef Emile’s knowledge”
“Chef is so personable”
“Chef is entertaining/extremely knowledgeable”
“eating & drinking”
“The cuisine & the chef’s presentation”
“food, stories, friendly people”
“very informative and funny”
“I love how Chef interacts w/everyone”
“group participation”
“cooking & testing recipes”
“trying all the recipes”
“excellent food”
“eating & drinking!!”
“Pace was excellent”
“variety of dishes”
“excellent food”


4.      What did you like least about the program?
lack of organization”
“not enough time”
“Too short!”
too short”
“too short of a program”
“it was ALL good”
“Only one per year”
“too short”
more recipes in packet & info on chef”
“Not all recipes included in packet”
“too much going on at once”
“as a participant, I felt like I missed some things”


“good job”
“great class – hope he can come next year!”
“Awesome! I look forward to next year!”
“I’ve been to this the past 3 years, and this has been the best one! Excellent format – Don’t change a thing!”
very excellent and entertaining presentation”
“Great Program! Hope you do it again next year”
“will be back if Emile returns”
“excellent program”
“Come back – the food excellent – it is fun"
“Love his personality!”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the event – will attend in the future”
“this being my first cooking class, I thoroughly enjoyed it”
“Wonderful! Our third year – so much fun!”
Loved it! Emile is so warm and engaging & educational”
“I cannot believe I missed the first 2 – I loved this class. Please have more!”
“I loved getting to help cook”
“Chef Emile was great!”
“Wonderful as usual”
“Need website information for your website and place to get ingredients we can’t get here, etc.”


Suggestions for future programs:
“more cooking classes – great to do this in Canyon and not have to travel”
“Awesome, completely exceeded my expectations! Very fun, keep it up. Come back soon!”
More time to be spent – Really Great Time!”
More cooking classes – There are no cooking classes in Amarillo/Canyon that I know of!”
“more drinks”
“More Cajun cooking”
“Start @ 5 pm to 7 pm”
“Have this or similar more than once per year”
“more cooking classes”
“Bring back or have more cooking programs”
“come back more often”
“Keep the cooking classes coming”
“more of Emile”
“Do it again! Maybe even different cuisines and chefs”
“have all recipes in handout packet”
“greatly enjoyed this”