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Oysters on the Whole Shell
Yield 12 - 3 Oyster Appetizers


36 - 40 UNSHUCKED DEPRIVATED (Preferred) OYSTERS (In the shell)
3 CUPS LEMON BUTTER SAUCE (Divided into 12 monkey dish servings)

Open 2 or 3 oysters to be assured that there is no mud or other gunk inside the shells. It is imperative that these oysters be the cleanest available.

Preheat a BBQ pit (either one with charcoal or gas). Choose oysters that are singles and are relatively clean. Use a wire brush and hose to clean the outside of the oysters. Place the whole oysters shells directly on the grill. Cover the pit and allow the oysters to steam in their own juices for about 5 minutes. The oysters are done when they slightly open along the shell line. If the oysters are cooked too long they will reclose and dry out. Be carefull, do not over cook oysters.

Alternate Method
The oysters can be roasted in the oven, however this is definetly not the choice way of cooking this recipe. The oysters shells will sometimes pop and crack while cooking and will make a mess inside an oven.

Plate Presentation
Use a 6 inch salad plate filled with rock salt. Use tongs to lift the shells and place the oyster shells onto the rock salt. This will give the shells a better base to lay flat and retain all of the oyster juices. Open the oyster shells with a butter knife, use a lobster fork and dip them into the heated lemon butter sauce.

Chef's Notes:
If you're tired of shucking oysters let them do the work. The oysters will cook themselves faster than you can eat them.


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