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Duck and Pork Dragon Pat
Yield -  About 100 - CAJUN CROSTINI (See Recipe) with a smear of Pt



Duck and Pork PateIngredients
Dragon with Duck and Pork Pate

1 - 3 LB DUCK AND PORK LIVER PATE' (Three Little Pigs brand preferred.. See Pic)

1/2 PACK of ATHENS FILLO DOUGH (See Chef's Notes... again!)











Egg Wash

1 LARGE EGG (Scrambled)

1/4 LB BUTTER (Melted)


Dragon Pate PlaterMethod
Score the inside perimeter of the pate with paring knife.  Turn upside down and centered on the serving plate the container and the pate should drop down. (See Pic above)


In a small bowl, combine the ingredients of the egg wash.  Use a pastry brush to paint on the fillo dough.


Place a sheet of fillo around the pate, then egg wash.  Continue doing this for the remainder of the sheets.    Use the paring knife to cut small "V"s in the dough.  When baked this will make the fillo dough puff and look like Dragon scales!!


Cover with foil and chill in refrigerator OR preheat oven to 375F.  Place the Dragon on a baking sheet, uncover and bake for 10 minutes.  OR until the fillo crust is golden brown... YOU DO NOT want to heat the pat.   Then follow the Plate Presentation ideas below. Dragon Pate Plater


Dragon Pate Recipe

















Orange Marmalade Jars.... Ready for Presents!!Plate Presentation
2 JARS - UNCLE FREDDIE'S ORANGE MARMALADE  (See Recipe and Chef's Notes:)


Place some of the Orange Marmalade in a shallow bowl along with the crostinis.  SERVE!

Chef's Notes:
The Dragon Platter is made of brass, it's overall length is about 21 inches long and the serving center plate is about 11 inches long by 5 inches wide.


Athens Fillo Dough is available in most super market's frozen pie crust departments.  The dough comes in 2 - 20 sheet rolls.  When using this recipe, open the box right out of the freezer, remove one and replace the rest right back in the freezer.  With the one you took out cover with a damp towel and use after about 10 minutes.

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