Aurora Catering's Crawfish Hard Boiled Eggs!

Crawfish Hard Boiled Eggs

Yield - 20 -24 Appetizer servings 



 Whenever I play golf, I always like to purchase an egg or two at the pro shop.  I don't know; hard boiled eggs, a beer and a round of golf seem to go well together!  I have never thought of boiling eggs in the crawfish boil.  BUT, I had a couple of extra dozen on hand, so I thought I would give it a try! 

Also Olivia Rose has these GREAT tips on her Blog....  Check it out.

OK, this is what I learned. 


After you are finished boiling the crawfish (see recipe), potatoes, corn and other veggies, take a small pot of the highly seasoned crawfish water, add the eggs and bring back to a boil.  Lower heat and slow boil the eggs like you would for any regular hard boiled egg for about 5 - 7 minutes.  Turn off heat, and use your stainless steel crawfish stirring paddle and gently stir the eggs in the water.  You want to crack the shells, but not break up the eggs.  Allow them to soak up all the seasonings while the water cools, about 15 minutes. 

 Viola!!!! You have crawfish seasoned hard boiled eggs!!! Try it!!

Plate Presentation
I served these along with the potatoes and corn for the Crawfish Boil.

Chef's Notes:
The longer you leave the eggs in the seasoned water, the more they pick up the seasonings. They are REALLY great after an hour or so!

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