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Creole Roasted Plantain Pirogues
8 Dessert Servings


8 OVERRIPE PLANTAINS (See top pic) also (See Chef's Notes below)  
1/4 LB BUTTER (melted)

Creole Roasted PlantainsMethod
Roast the plantains over an open fire, either on a BBQ pit or even on a gas stove.  Turn them often, this should take about 5-7 minutes, sometimes the plantain will split open.  This is a good thing!!!    It is difficult to overcook them, and the longer you do, the sweeter they get!!

Plate Presentation
When ready to serve, cut a slice lengthwise along the plantain.  Use you fingers and press inwards to open up the slit.  Remove any of the roasted black peel that you see in the pic.  Use the skin as a boat or as a Creole would call it a "Pirogue".  Then drizzle with melted butter and molasses, sprinkle with confections sugar, Serve!

As an additional serving ingredients, you can sprinkle on some ground cinnamon and nutmeg!

Chef's Notes:
The Steen's syrup give this a definite Creole connection!

It is VERY important to use Overripe Plantains for this recipe... The plantains get sweeter the riper they get!  A yellow plantain is considered "Ripe", but is still hard like a potato, and is usually peeled and cooked like one.  They are excellent cut into medallions, squished, and pan fried in butter... TRY IT!

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