Aurora Catering's

Aurora Catering's Jambalaya from Concentrate
Yield - about 35 parts

6 PARTS PAR BOILED RICE (Par Excellance, Uncle Ben’s or Chefway Rice)

Preheat oven to 350F, combine ingredients in a large turkey roasting pan. (This will require 3/4s gallon to one gallon of jambalaya concentrate.) Tightly cover with aluminum foil and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Check jambalaya for doneness.

Alternate Method
When the ingredients are combined, it is best to "test the water". That is, taste the stock, and get to know the flavor. It is at this stage that you can adjust the jambalaya to your personal taste.

By the way, Aurora Catering tries to use as little salt as possible, therefore, some customers may want to add salt (and some Cayenne) to the stock.

Probably the best way to cook our jambalaya is to use chicken or turkey stock instead of water. Try this, you’ll find the flavors much more intense and rich.

Also, the proportions described above will give a slightly drier jambalaya that most of our customers are use to. If the jambalaya is going to be eaten immediately after cooking these proportions are good. However, if the jambalaya is to be served buffet style and may sit out over an hour; it is suggested that slightly more water be used.

Plate Presentation
The sausage and seasonings have a tendency to float to the surface during baking. It is therefore recommended that just prior to serving the jambalaya be gently folded and the rice fluffed. Do this only once, the folding of the jambalaya will release much need heat and steam.

Chef's Notes:
It is important to learn the flavor of the jambalaya stock, before covering the jambalaya a learned cook can "Customize" our jambalaya to their personal tastes.

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