Royal Street Stroll

Party Crashing!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our yearly party crashing gig; the Royal Street Stroll sponsored by New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE). SEVERAL years before Katrina we have setup our own table, bring our own food/ wine and have our own private party!  We have been doing this years before NOWFE thought about using the street rather the various galleries and gift shops for their party. 

Well, for the past two years NOWFE has tried to kick us out of the party,  Well..... let me tell ya "IT's ON!!"  We will NOT go quietly!!

Peter and Ann Haigh of "On The Menu" and , asked to "Crash" our party!!  They were pretty cool, sooooo OF COURSE, we let them!!

BTW, This year's theme was East Asian cusine!

Our 2010 Menu!

Thai Coconut Curried Chicken

Sesame Seasoned Glass Noodles with Baby Green Peas and Sesame Seed Fried Balls

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) with

Chef Ricky's, "Can't we all just get along?" Dipping Sauce and

my Roasted Chili Pepper and Garlic Rice Wine Vinaigrette

Basmati Rice with Snow Peas, Lychee Nuts and Deep Fried Bean Sprouts

Basmati Rice with Deep Fried Bean Sprouts, Snow Peas and Lychee NutsBamboo Steamed Pork Potstickers and Chicken Dumplings

Pickled Red Onion Rings, Dried Shallots and Salted Peanuts


We had an impromptu competition between Chef Ricky's sauce and mine, and to be honest..... the crashers liked Ricky's more! Damn!!

The cops came and moved us to the sidewalk..... we still had a GREAT time!!    Now this is how ya crash a party!!



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