32st Annual Pig Fest !!!

Mom's House

Saturday, April , 2011

I just wanted to let that pic set in ya mind!!


We cook the pigs throughout the night, and Saturday is PIG FEST!

At the appropriate times we add Chickens, Boudin, Smoked Sausage, and sometimes, Ducks, Venison and whatever we can find that will roast in the pit!!

Look at that meat just falling off of the bone!

David and I inspecting the pigs!!








Everyone having a good time, and getting out from the mid-April sun!


My GREAT friend Mr. David Frank helped throughtout the day.  He hovered over the pit and sliced up the chickens and pig!! Let me tell ya, that is a JOB!

The CUTE little blonde is Suzi, from my 6th grade at St. Andrews!!









Again Mr. David Frank came to our rescue! He helped cook the Jambalaya!! 

Mo' Meat!

I was the emcee, OMG!! I had to keep my language clean!! well mostly.....

We had our World's Best Pig Joke Contest... ever

We had our World's Best Pig Calling Contest..... ever

We had our World's Best Pig Sauce Contest..... Ever!


The World's Best Pig Dessert Contest ..... Ever.... It was Bacon dipped in Chocolate, rolled in Pecans and Marshmallows, on a STICK!!!

Dave also made this Pig Fest invite in the ole style that we used to do!


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