ISL Winter Bazaar & Gumbo CookoffInternational School of Louisiana

Winter Bazaar and Gumbo Cookoff

Gumbo Judging


 Saturday, December 4, 2010


This is a GREAT event for the International School of Louisiana (ISL) they raise TONS of money for the kids education. 

It is both a Winter Bazaar, where you can purchase Christmas presents! The students get to perform!!  AND a Gumbo Cookoff!!



The 2010 Gumbo Cookoff Judges were, City Court Judge Paulette Irons, Socialite Ms Margarita Bergen, Councilman Artie Fielkow, Chef Ricky LoRusso, and myself.

.Chef Ricky LoRusso.

You can bet that if there is good cooking Chef Ricky is gonna be there!


Chef Emile L. Stieffel


OK, Me too!!


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