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Guest Chef,  Cajun Cooking


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


International School of Louisiana (ISL) is a Spanish and French immersion elementary school teaching grades K through 8.  What that means is that the kids are taught all of their classes in one of those languages!! I mean everything, from Math, PE, Science, ...... everything.  They don't get English until 2nd Grade!!  And this is a public school, in the heart of New Orleans! WOW.


So as part of their education and cultural advancement ISL has invited Guest Chefs to come in a cook for the kids!  Today was Cajun cooking, right up my alley!


Chef Ricky heard that there was FREE food so he showed up.  Not really, he came to help me cook 3 pots of jambalaya! Enough for 400 kids and staff! Assisting him is Ms. Melissa Boudreaux the Director of Food Services.


While we were outside cooking, Ms. Martha Irving the school's resident Chef were making my recipe for Cajun Corn Macque Choux.   We even got the kitchen ladies outside to help stir the pots.Teaching assistant Ms Tutty Horvitz


Originally from Chile, assistant teacher  Ms. Tutty Horvitz, gave our jambalaya an international flair!







I think the kids loved it!!!



I know Ricky and I did!

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