Chef Joe Previte fishin'Fishing with Chef Joe Previte

Delacroix Island, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana

Wednesday , May 26, 2010

Chef Joe and I have been talking about a fishing trip for years, well he finally called and asked me if I wanted to go.... and to Delacroix Island we went!!

Chef Joe Previte with lunch!

I caught more fish than Joe, but he was better dressed!!

I think he tie-dyed that shirt in '69 and it is still he best T-Shirt, I think he wore that back in 2008 for the IACP Gumbo Giveback!

I wore the jersey that Dr. David Danahar gave me when I went up to SMSU to cater the parties up there!

Joe caught this one, it was 15 1/2 inches, so he went back, Joe follows the law, I think I would have stretched the fish another 1/2 inch!!


Home with 3 rat Reds, a suntan and dinner!!!

Thanks, JOE, for a fantastic time!


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