Summer Wine Festival

"Everything French"

hosted by the French American Chamber of Commerce, Louisiana Chapter

Friday, June 24, 2011


Chef Emile, Liz Reyes, and Frank Stansbury


Liz Reyes on Fox 8 news setWell, Chef Emile and Frank StansburyI was supposed to cook on camera and promote the "Everything French" for the Summer Wine Fest of 2011. But there was one problem, Fox 8 does not have a kitchen!!!  I asked Frank THREE times if they had one or at least a stove top.  He said yes, so I left my portable stovetop back at the ranch!!


We ended up promoting the event without any cooked food.  No real problem, everything went GREAT on camera!!  We chatted about the booze that would be at the event.  And I talked about the restaurants and different food dishes that were going to be there!  We even got in the entertainment and mini parade.


Liz was a total DOLL!! She wanted to get pics of the show, she even took the pic on the right!! Thanks, LIZ!!!!  She has a FANTASTIC website, and by her own admission she is a "foodie".


Check out the actual event here!!

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