Children's Hospital Telethon

Miracle Network

WDSU TV, New Orleans

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I think this is a first!! I am cooking on camera with both of my kids, Laurent and Michelle.  The three of us together, wow we gotta do this more!!

Heath was just playin' around, but this is so similar to Melanie Hebert's posse last year!!

For the past several years, I have been trying to feature Louisiana Seafood. In 2011 it was Oysters. In 2010 Jumbo Shrimp and in 2009 we did Blue Crabs, and the Crab Whisper!  So this year we are featuring Louisiana's favorite fresh water crustacean , the Crawfish!  Also, since a couple of weeks ago we took 2nd Place at UNO's Crawfish Mambo.

So I thought it would be fun to demonstrate what can you do with the crawfish boiling water during and after the boil; and what are some special things to do with the leftovers!


Heath and his crawfish omeletOur Menu:

Crawfish Mango Mustard Omelet

Corn Macque Choux with Crawfish and Tasso

New Potatoes Stuffed with Crawfish

Hard Boiled Eggs in Crawfish Water

Corned Beef in Crawfish Water


 Michelle cooking Crawfish Mango Mustard Omelet

We had planned, three - 3 minute segments. Michelle started out with her cooking Crawfish Mango Mustard Omelet.  Then Heath asked her about how she was helped at Children's, she explained that when she was in 2nd grade they diagnosed her with a learning disability.  With that help her grades drastically improved. She even graduated from Loyola Law!! She did a GREAT JOB!!



Laurent cooks Corn Macque Choux Crawfish

For the second segment, Laurent did the Corn Macque Choux Crawfish... He used the corn, onions, garlic and crawfish from the boil....BUT, he also added some diced tasso for extra flavor!




You gotta admit, that looks GREAT also!




For the third segment, I demoed that you can boil hard boiled eggs in with the crawfish. Also, reuse the potatoes and stuff them with some cheese and crawfish... Finally, try boiling a corned beef brisket in the seasoned water!! Super spicy and tender!  OH, don't forget the beer!


OH yea, and there was a telethon, they raised a record setting amount of money! Congrats!!


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