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Monday, April 16, 2012

It's our third year and we are locked and loaded!

Well almost!Chef Ricky LoRusso

It started out as a misty foggy morning and we ran into a TON of traffic crossing the causeway. We got there 15 minutes before we were scheduled to start serving.....Thank goodness, Chef Ricky was bright eyed and bushy tailed to help me cook again this year!! 

Well almost!

NOOOO, Ricky was a GREAT HELP!!

That was just toooo good of a pic!

Grilled Peppadew Mustard SalmonWell anyway,   We're Back!

This year's Menu:

Grilled Peppadew Salmon Filets with Capers and Leeks

Wasabi Mustard Omelets Check out my youtube video

Pork Grillards with Creamy Grits


Mango Mustard Salmon FiletFor the last couple of months,Pan Seard Leeks I have been writing recipes with the use of Silver Spring (TM) mustards. In fact, a week to the day later, I was in Eau Claire, Wisconsin making videos of these recipes.

 Since we were planning on grilling up 8 filets, this was a great opportunity to try out some of the recipes on the ladies.  We made them each a bit different we could get a feel for which flavors they liked!!  I think the Mango and Peppadew Mustards were the most popular.


Wasabi Omelet!


For more info check out Becky's,  Aces Against Aneurysms Facebook page.


And YES, there was a tennis tourney...... again, I have not a clue on who won!


But it was great fun cooking for and watching the ladies! Well, DUH!


OH and, many of the silent auction items were won by Becky's daughters! 

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