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Monday, April 4, 2011

We're Back!!

Last year we cooked for my great friend, Becky Winchell who is a brain aneurysm survivor.  And as the "Go to Girl" that she is, she decided to give back to the North Shore a tennis tourney to promote the awareness of brain aneurysms.  Her story is well documented in the Youtube video and the tourney's Facebook page.

Chef Ricky grilling salmon!

Chef Ricky helped me cook this year!!  I think he just wanted to come out and watch the ladies play tennis! But let me tell ya he was a FANTASTIC help!! I could not have done it without him!!

For breakfast we did grilled salmon, these were by request, I did it for them last year, and was almost commanded to do it again!!


For lunch we did a Grilled Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad, that was kick butt!



There was a silent auction for tons of cool stuff!

The one day event raised over $12,000 bucks!! WOW!!

And they sent me this beautiful Thank You Letter!

And YES, there was a tennis tourney, I have not a clue on who won! But it was fun watching the ladies!  And catchin' Chef Ricky playin' with the bartenders.  BTW, the lady on the left is my good friend and bartender Angie!

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