Chef Ricky serves another bottle of champagne!Kathryn and Ethan's Engagement Party


Chef Ricky LoRusso's Home

November 6, 2010


Well, there ya have it.... Chef Ricky is getting rid of another daughter..... NOPE, gaining a son-in-law!!


Our Menu:

Antipasti Service with Copanata, Sausages, Provolone, Mortadella, Relishes and more...(see left)

Roma Tomato/Fresh Basil Crustini


Shrimp and Crawfish Stuffed Shells


Grilled Salmon with Leeks and Basmati Rice




Gnocchi with Sicilian Tomato Gravy and Red Wine









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Some pics.... used with permission of Mrs. Dina Overland (Chef Ricky's daughter!)