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Cooking 2 kinds of Gumbo

October 20, 2009

Making Turkey StockRicky and I had a day off, so we thought that we would do a "Road Trip".  I had a roasted turkey carcass; we deboned it, put the bones in a pot, filled with water, veggies, and left it on a medium heat.   OH, yea, and we asked JoAnn (his wife) to watch it while we hit the road!

Our thoughts were to make 2 gumbos, one a Turkey with Andouille Sausage.  The other a non-meat, Seafood File' Gumbo.

Turkey stock with onions, celery and bell peppers.So, we got a couple of beers, left the Mid City area headed for LaPlace (about 20 miles west of New Orleans) in search of "The Best" Andouille.  We purchased a couple of lbs from both Bailey's and Jacob's.  After a taste test and a couple more beers, with some hot boudin we agreed that Jacob's has the more smoky and leaner Andouille

Also after a trip to a local Seafood store, we picked up some okra, fresh shrimp, fish filets, oysters and gumbo crabs.  On the way back to Mid City, we stopped at the Homedale Bar, to have a couple of more beers and make sure we had everything we needed.  OK, OK, it was just an excuse to hit the bar!File Gumbo with Okra! 

The afternoon found us peeling shrimp, making a seafood stock with the shrimp heads, dicing onions, celery and peppers.  I added the Gumbo Crabs!Ricky made a BEAUTIFUL dark chocolate roux.

I switched off to gin, Ricky hit the wine.

Evening found us browning off the andouille, deglazing the Dutch ovens with onions and wine.  Then slow simmering both Gumbos! Drinking a little more of Ricky's gin. Keith brought over 3 liters of Belgium Beers.  Slow simmered Turkey and Andouille Gumbo.


After a beautiful meal with 3 bottles of wine, and dinner liqueurs; Calvados, and Lemoncella. Ann drove me home, Chef Ricky washing Dishes!Keith barely stumbled across the street.  I picked up my car the next day.


Ricky got to do the dishes!

What a fantastic "Road Trip"!!


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