Dr. Peter and Chef Ricky with Roasted Yellow PeppersGolfing with Chef Ricky and Dr. Peter

April 26, 2010

 Dr. Peter loves Jazz Fest and his old buddy from Boston, Chef Ricky (maybe tooooo much). 

Anyway we decided to play golf during the week between Jazz Fest dates.  We all hit marvelous tee shots and had a great first hole. One the second hole I broke out some Smoke Roasted Yellow Peppers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Rosemary Vinaigrette. Chef Ricky loves to start off a game of golf with this favorite antipasto. 

On the 4th hole Chef Ricky sampled some Grilled Chicken Breast with a Tarragon White Wine Vinaigrette. "Chuckles", the cart lady drove by and we filled up with some Bloody Mary's.

Chef Ricky finished off the Grilled Chicken Breast while Dr. Peter dove into the Poached Artichokes.

OK, so maybe the Artichokes dove into Dr. Peter!!!!

On the back 9,  they grazed on Smoked Roasted Pulled Pork in a Modena based Vinaigrette BBQ Sauce.  The golf outing was designed to eat lite, since there were dinner reservations made. 

But they did save some room for a monster Chocolate Chip Cookie.

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