Chef Ricky's Day Off

A Golf Outing with Chef Ricky

January 26, 2010

As Mr. Rogers used to say it was "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" so off we go to our favorite golf course, Audubon Park! 

... And a competitive round of golf ensued.

  Before we started to play, Ricky thought that a Spicy Bloody Mary was in order.

We wanted to be out of the eyes of the club house so he waited until the 2nd hole to break out the the Anti Pasta of Fire Roasted Sweet Yellow Peppers in Olive Oil.

Mini Muffalettas were washed down with a Bloody Mary on hole 5.

Hole 7 is a difficult hole where you must lay up before the traps and pitch to the green.

OF Course, any Italian meal should include some Rice Wine Soaked Red Onions and Poached Cajun Spiced Chicken Sausage.

It is important to prepare the stomach with the proper aperitif....

Herbsaint Liqueur was his drink of choice, lovely liquorish flavor.  IT is of course, bottled as "The Spirit of New Orleans".  With the Old Absinthe House featured in the center of the label.

Hole 10, the beginning of the back nine, and features a long drive over the water.  He thought that it would also be a great place to start the entree.

Today's main course was Crab Clawmeat and Poached Shrimp in a rich and spicy Alfredo Sauce served over Angel Hair Pasta.

Hole 15 is outside of the walking path, and is a long strait par 3.  Just perfect for a shot of Polish Vodka.

We unloaded out clubs in the cars and saluted with a couple shots of Herbsaint.

Hole 19 found Chef Ricky at the Bulldog and a couple pints of Guinness.


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