Chef Ricky's Fishing Trip

Captain Don BordelonA Fishin' Trip with the Master Outdoorsman Chef Ricky

Chef Ricky!September 12, 2012

I was soooooo very fortunate to win the big door prize at the Lafouche Parish "Dig In" party at Acme Oyster House last year.  The BIG prize was a 3 person charter fishing trip on Captain Don Dee's Bayou Coastal Guide Service.  Captain Don is such a GREAT guy!  He is very knowledgeable about the waters and patient with novices!  Fun to talk with and an overall joy to be around.


I don't know but Chef Ricky looks a little seasick!!!  IF he was he didn't complain!!

OK, about the trip, it was Chef Ricky's second (in his life!) fishing trip.... AND the first for Laurent!! OK, so I am not the best dad in the world....    So Captain Don and I had to teach them to cast out using spinning tackle!!  After about only 10 minutes Laurent could cast perfectly!! Just about a foot off of shore... Chef Ricky took a little longer.  BUT he got the hang of it too!!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day, calm waters, nice breeze and great guys!

Damn!!! Laurent caught several fish, but I didn't get a pic!

Of course, Master Outdoorsman Chef Ricky snagged a beauty!

 Chef Ricky and his redfish!

Look at the golden red colors of these fish,  I have never seen redfish with such a beautiful hue.  They grow them right in Golden Meadow!

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