The Buddy D Parade with Chef Ricky

Sunday, January 31, 2010






For decades Buddy Deliberto or "Buddy D" was one of New Orleans most beloved sportscasters. He promised his audience that if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl, he would wear a dress on Canal St.  Unfortunily, Buddy D died in 2005, but Bobby Hebert, famed "Cajun Cannon", has kept Buddy's promise to the city.


There were over 5,000 men in drag and over 80,000 parade goers to view the parade!! WHO DAT!!!




These were the I - 610 Stompers, they looked REAL GAY!

The Saints, have always been a bridesmaid, never a bride, well not this year!

Buddy would always say "When Hell freezes over, the Saints would go to the Super Bowl!"  This is the year of Swine Flu!

When Pigs Fly, the Saints will go to the Super Bowl!!

We made video HERE!  Check out at about the 1:34 mark!

AND I also made the Times Picayune's Living Section

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