Guy Fieri's Poster


I cooked for Guy and his staff when he was in town taping for his show "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives".

Guy liked the jambalaya that I cooked for them he signed this poster for me!! WOW, Way coooool!

Guy Fieri's Poster

The inscription reads:

"Emile, Our brother,

Wow, that was off da hook,


I looked high and low for a frame that would do the print justice, and finally found one! This is the packaging that came with the frame......

Guy Fieri's Poster Frame

.... and as you can see, it was not cheap... $929.00.   I know it is expensive, but Guy is worth it!

SOOOO, now where should I hang it???

Should I hang the poster in one of the most premier locations in my home, right above the fireplace??


Since Guy is the KING, should we hang in near The Throne??

OK, now the skinny on the evening.  Guy and his crew accepted me from the beginning of the night. They played a practical joke on me, then proceeded to pull one on his producer.  We all got into the act, and had a FANTASTIC night. They treated me just like one of the crew, it was truly one of the most fun nights I have had catering.


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