Fort Jackson and Bayou Mardi Gras

Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Chef Emile's Fort Jackson and Bayou Mardi Gras Trail Log

July 3, 2011

Where as this isn't exactly a Trail Log, it is sorta a trail....  Ann and I took a "Day Trip" to south Plaquemines LA.  It's called "goin' down the road".  What that means is there is only one road south and you drive 60 plus miles south goin' down the river to within miles of the mouth of the Mississippi to the Civil War defenses of Fort Jackson (West Bank) and Fort St. Philip (East Bank).
















These old iron works were in one of the magazines, there was no plaque or mention of what they were or why they were there, BUT.... Really cool!

To the left is part of the WWI additions to the fort, these were called "Disappearing Batteries". They were not used for defense, but for training.

.Bayou Mardi Gras!! Right across the river. If my research is correct, my Fayard ancestor was on board in 1699!!

(left) A cool marble plaque placed by Rex, King of Mardi Gras 1999 commemorating the 300th anniversary of Mardi Gras in the New World!  BTW, Bayou Mardi Gras is the first place named with a non native name in the entire Mississippi River valley!


BTW, this is a good link to the Civil War battle at Forts Jackson and St. Phillip


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