Louisiana Children's Museum

  Louisiana Cooking Demonstration

July, 2008

These kids were sooooo cool, asking questions, cooking and even helping clean up!! Fantastic!! Look at their faces!!!

We cooked for 4 days at the Children's Museum, Taste of Louisiana Summer Camp! Our first day was Louisiana Crawfish Quesadillas! Those kids just ate them up! We had a tasting on several salsas! I think they liked the Mango Salsa the best. BUT, the big hit was the crawfish! The kids kept picking them out of the bowl!Louisiana Children's Museum Cooking Demo

On Tuesday, we cooked up Eggs Benedict! Each and every kid was taught to break an egg and add it to the water. They browned the English muffins, seared the Canadian bacon, poached the eggs and topped with a commercial brand Hollandaise sauce.

Then on Wednesday, we cooked Alligator Sausage!! YEP!! Those kids went nuts over alligator! We seared about 4 lbs of  sausage, added a couple of onions and bell pepper strips, seasonings and de-glazed the pan with some cold beer! They ate it ALL!! So much so that they didn't save any for the counselors!!

On Thursday, we finished up with one of New Orleans' favorite desserts, Bananas Foster!Nari Tomassetti and I had a great time!!  We made a full 14" pan of bananas Foster! 15 bananas, 1 -1/2 lbs of brown sugar, 1 lb of butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and, OF COURSE, rum for flaming! The kids ate it up! Even the kids that said that they didn't like bananas before liked this dish!Chef Laurent flames Bananas Foster 


WOW!!!  Each day after we cooked the kids put together a cook book of their own!! They wrote down the ingredients and wrote the recipes that we had cooked earlier! NOW that is learning, playing and EATIN' all at the same time!!!

On our last day we took a pole as to what dish they liked the best.  Guess what won??? The Alligator beat out the ice cream!  Now those are some great South Louisiana KIDS!

The Louisiana Children's Museum, is one of the finest resources New Orleans has! You have to check it out when in town. OR just click and go there now!





Thanks Jose for the great sketch!!!!

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