Children's Hospital Telethon

Miracle Network

WDSU TV, New Orleans  June 1, 2008 

Laurent, Dan Milham and I cooking on camera.

The pic at right is Laurent, Dan and I prepping for our on camera cooking.  Dan does a great job of asking us all of the right questions about the up coming segment!




Chef Emile on the Children's Hospital Telethon

We are cooking for the volunteers for the New Orleans Children's Hospital Miracle Network.  This is a live show and the volunteers are manning the phones, and when they are finished, WOW, can they eat.   Chef Emile on the Children's Hospital TelethonSo for this Sunday afternoon we have cooked our Shrimp Breaux Bridge recipe to serve the hundreds of volunteers off camera.  But on camera we are getting ready to cook our Creole Crab Cakes , Imitation Crab Cakes and From Scratch Remoulade Sauce.

Laurent, Dan and I  on the Children's Hospital TelethonOur portion of the LIVE broadcast is only 30 minutes, so we have a lot to prep and plan if this thing is going to get done! The crab cake segment is really two fold, one we what to show what to do with imitation crab meat and the real white lump crabmeat.  The on camera stuff was to show how to cook a great product with few seasonings. We do all of this while the phones are ringing, volunteers are walking in and out, and the show is running 15 minutes late!


    The second segment was dedicated to making our From Scratch Remoulade Sauce. We needed to continue with making the sauce for the crab cakes, and mostly to interview Laurent about his "Civil War Experience" with Children's Hospital.  (My son's foot was crushed by a Civil War canon, and the surgeons at Children's Hospital, repaired his foot!)

.... WE even get Dan into the cooking!! He can interview us and cook, and eat a crab cake, what a PRO!!! Meg, (Margret Orr) snuck in and stole a  cake while we were live, that might have been the only way she was going to get one. The twenty or so we made were gone in 2 minutes!  I hope we helped them raise some money, if we didn't, well at least they ate well!

We even received a great Thank You certificate from Children's Hospital, Thanks Guys!!


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