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Hawaiian Luau

Friday, August 19, 2011

This is one of my FAVORITE events!!!

Each year the Sisters of Mercy, have a Luau for their members of the Activity Center.  And I have had the honor to roast the Cochon de Lait for their party for at least 4 years!

This was the largest attended Luau, they had over 80 reservations, WOW!

This year, I also cooked up some Jambalaya and I made a special Hawaiian Pig Sauce!

The event is fun because they have a DJ that really gets the seniors up dancing!!

This pig was a little special because he was unusually large, 51 lbs.   So I smoked him over a very low heat for a couple of extra hours, actually 15 hours.  He was especially tender and juicy.  Check out the pic (right), he takes up two sheet pans!  Because we had 80 reservations, I also smoked up two boneless hind quarters.  I pulled those and drizzled them with the Hawaiian Sauce.

Everybody gets into the action, there is even a Hawaiian dress up contest!








Many of the photos are courtesy of the Sisters of Mercy, thank you for the use of them! AND for the Pina Coladas that we drank in the kitchen!










Sister Jane Briseno sent me this BEAUTIFUL Thank You note, !!

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