Mercy Endeavors

 Mercy Senior Activity Center

Hawaiian Luau

August 27, 2008

  Mercy Senior Activity Center, New Orleans

Everyone was dressed up for a GREAT party!! Check out the festive colors and Hawaiian dresses!

The job was supposed to be a drop off but it looked like TOOOO much of a good time to miss!!!  So, I got the duty to help carve the pig.





For the event of course, we roasted the Cochon de Lait and a fresh hind quarter, but we also did a Peach Cobbler.  The sisters served that (and added vanilla ice cream) as the dessert.  When I got back into the kitchen they were having a "special" punch with some Coconut flavored r-m.  I love Catholic events!!!

Smiling Cochon de Lait

Look at that SMILE on our Pig, even he had a FANTASTIC time!

We also received a very glowing Thank You  from Sister Jane Briseno, RSM of the Mercy Senior Activity Center.

WOW, Thank YOU, Sister Jane!!

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