Howling Success

"Hooray for Howlywood"

November 14, 2009

Trust me, New Orleans can throw a party! And every year, this is one of the best!






"Mr. Mardi Gras" Blaine Kern has opened his new float den and party room.  In amongst the ascetics of a Southern plantation.  The location is on the east bank of the Mississippi adjacent to the convention center and right on the wharfs of the river.  If you know New Orleans, it is the defunct River City Casino location.


The auction ganders some of the best bidding!! I was trying to get a 4 person guided fishing trip gift certificate! DAMN, missed it!


All of the pics you see here are actually inside the party room.  The ceiling has got to be 50 -60 foot with painted sky, moon, clouds, stars and trees!  A fantastic setting!  There is a flowing bayou complete with majestic oak trees, Spanish moss, rustic bars, bridges and walk ways.



 Norman, oyster shucker extroginaire from Acme Oyster House was at the food table adjacent to mine.  That was a BIG mistake, I think he shucked me a sack full!

Wade Ponthier's wife, Yvette took this great pic of Ann and I.  When we finished serving our Herbal Chicken Pasta, we didn't want to leave.  We were having toooo much fun in these beautiful surrondings, soooo we sat amongst the oaks near the front of the plantation doors and had a drink with Norman! What a great night!

The LA SPCA sent this great Thank You Letter!



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