Howling Success

The Great Catsby

November 15, 2008

Well while I worked, Ann got to hang out with Chefs Jud Ellis and Tory McPhail of Commander's Palace.


The event was held at the LA SPCA's new facility on the BestBank!  A giant tent was erected on the grounds.  Then decorated as a '20s Speakeasy!

LA SPCA Doggie Second Line!! This was cool, a doggie second line!! Now that is truly New Orleans!


Chef Emile and artist Martin LaBorde I ran into artist Martin LaBorde.  He is the famed artist that donates an original flying wizard piece to the event each year.  I bid on this year's but was out bid when the piece got over $2,400!! YIKES!!  I think it finally went for $4,600 bucks!


Michelle Stieffel and Mr John Simpson Michelle and John are the BEST hunter/gatherers! They got for Deacon John a silver tray of over 18 grilled oysters from The Red Maple's food station. Now that is BIG TIME hunter/gathering!







Deacon John Moore, his sister and her dog!Our food station was to the right of the band stage, so we got to hang out with "Deacon John" Moore, his sister and her dog!Frenchy painting!







 The artist "Frenchy" was on stage painting while Jeremy Davenport's band played! Cool!  Above is the work in progress, to the left is the finished product. WOW, GREAT!







Well guess what?  Ann finally pulled herself away from the Chefs, silent auction and the grilled oysters! 

This is always one of my favorite parties and worthy cause!

And they sent this great "Thank You" letter.






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