International School of Louisiana

 WWL - TV Appearance

October 14, 2008

On Sunday, October 26th I will be demonstrating how to cook Alligator Sauce Piquante for the International School of Louisiana (ISL) School Festival.  So to promote that event, ISL asked me if I would appear on the WWL TV Morning Show. 

Well you know me, don't get between me and a TV camera!!!


ISL is a FANTASTIC elementary school!... From their website..... "The mission of the International School of Louisiana is to provide a challenging education emphasizing French or Spanish language immersion, international awareness, the celebration of diversity and community responsibility."

Eric PaulsenSo to promote this concept, I cooked a true French countryside dish, "Poulet au Vin Rouge" (Chicken with Red Wine, See Recipe). I did this dish during the 7am segment of the show with Eric Paulsen. 

For the 8am segment I cooked a traditional Valencia Spain Seafood Paella, Sally-Ann Roberts did that interview. Keith Francis


Keith Francis is one of the Morning Show's cameramen.  A couple of years ago, Keith did a great favor for me; he videoed the demo tape that the Food Network asked me to submit for the Throwdown show. Chef Emile on WWL TV Keith also took all of the pics on this page for me with my Centro.  It is SOOOOO much fun to work the Morning Show.  To make for a nicer camera shot, Keith wanted to arrange the vegetables on the counter top.  WELL, Al Gauthier (not pictured, floor manager) would mess them up each time Keith walked away!! 



Notice how much food I have on that counter!! And also notice the purple color of the chicken meat.  That is from the red wine marinade.  It truly imparts a surprising flavor to the chicken.  ALL of it went!!



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