ISL Winter Bazaar & Gumbo CookoffInternational School of Louisiana

Winter Bazaar and Gumbo Cookoff

Ch 26 - WGNO - Good Morning New Orleans Show

TV Appearance Dec. 3, 2009 


I was asked to help judge the Winter Bazaar and Gumbo Cookoff for the famed International School of Louisiana (ISL) and to promote the event, Ch 26 WGNO TV invited us to cook on their Good Morning New Orleans Show! 


Ms. Karen Vinet and her daughter Emily (who btw attends ISL) were interviewed by Anchor Host, Jon Huffman.  They gave details on what the vendors were offering for sale.

On camera, I cooked a Turkey and Andouille Gumbo to promote the Gumbo Cookoff portion of the event. 

Ch 26 even made a video clip of the interview! Click HERE to check us out!

BUT, honestly, we were upstaged by one of Audubon Zoo's newest resident, "Chomp-a-toulas" the white baby alligator!

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