ISL Winter Bazaar & Gumbo CookoffInternational School of Louisiana

Winter Bazaar and Gumbo Cookoff

CBS - Ch 4 - WWL - Morning Show

TV Appearance Dec. 4, 2009


Chef Emile and Sous Chef Keith Francis 

OK, This is gonna be a BLAST!


I was asked to help judge the Winter Bazaar and Gumbo Cookoff for the famed International School of Louisiana (ISL) and to promote the event, Ch 4, WWL TV invited us to cook on their Morning Show!


Ms. Karen Vinet and her daughters Emily and Maddie (who btw attend ISL) were interviewed by anchor host Eric Paulsen. They informed the public about the vendors at the bazaar. Eric asked some great questions about the charter school's mission and direction.

Chef Emile and Sous Chef Keith FrancisFor the cooking segment, I had a trick in store for the crew!  My great friend, Keith Francis donated his time to wake up early and help cook our gumbo.  Well, Keith is a former employee of WWL, in fact, for many years Keith was a camera operator for the Morning Show!  We thought it would be really cool to dress him up in one of my black chef coats and bring him in front of the camera!!

During the taping Keith actually helped cook, but also would run behind the cameras and frame some of the shots!  All morning Keith was feeding the crew with smoked salmon bagles and boudin.  We know how to keep 'em happy and well fed! 

Keith and I started to prep the gumbo, and to my horror, I discovered that I had forgotten to pack the andouille!  Well, Ann to the rescue!!  She hot shotted it over to the station just in time for our second segment!

Jeff Sinclair and Chef EmileTHANKS, Dawlin!!


Also to my surprise, behind the camera was Jeff Sinclair.  He worked many years for another local station and is now with WWL.  Another of my long term friends from the TV industry!


OK, now for my disclaimer! I did not poison the dog!  The LA SPCA brought in an adoption dog right next to the kitchen set. I gave the dog a piece of andouille to munch on! The dog started to cough , live on camera!  She was standing on her hind legs, stretching to get another bite! and choking herself!  HEY, any true Louisiana dog can chow down on Andouille! !

We wrapped up the show with a group tasting of the gumbo!

That was a killer show!

WWL produced a movie of the second segment! Click here to check it out!



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