Smoked Transvestite Turkey

 New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Transvestite Turkey before SmokingThis is NOT going to be pretty!!

AT Finn McCools, "We cook the competition!"



Well, to feed everyone at Finn's ya need a lot of food! AND everybody wants the breast!   SOOOO, my turkey needed a little enhancement!

I started my smoker at midnight the night before, got the turkey on for 12:30 am and slow smoked it until 9am!

I didn't want to mask the smoke flavor so there were no seasonings or injections added to the turkey (except for the lemon half  enhancements!)  Buck an Ear Corn!For presentation we found a turkey puppet and donned it with a pirate costume!  Then for the "pece de rěsistance" I added a dollar bill and an ear of corn...... GET IT??....... BUCK an Ear!

Geaux Saints! They smoked the Bucks 38 -7...


Below, Stephen Patterson, owner of Finn McCools spends a quiet moment with the bird before the Smoked Transvestite Turkey was introduced to the buffet table!

I think touching a turkey in THAT way is inappropriate!!

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