Algiers Friendship Day 2012Algiers Friendship Day

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ya might want to check out my webpage of 2009, it gives the history of Algiers and the Westbank.





I LOVE THIS PARTY!!!!  Last year I had a previous commitment and couldn't do this event..... I really did miss it.... Sooooo this year it has been much anticipated!!

We cooked the corned beef and cabbage in the parking lot of Aurora.... I had flat tire problems, and it was just easier to cook it there...and just sherpa over pots of the finished hash!!

Laurent helped even thought he was having an asthma attack..... WHAT A GREAT KID!!!

Chef Ricky showed up.... 30 minutes late!! HE claimed it was because of Daylight Savings Time change....... to help serve and get the accolades! Go Figure!   Even Ann helped!!  You go girl!

The various organizations that throw this party also supply FREE hot dogs and green beer.  Now, ya know why this is such a great party!

We cooked with a little over 100 lbs of beef and 200 lbs of cabbage   If you want the full recipe just click here!

Algiers Friendship Day 2012



Every year the guys get together and paint the street with shamrocks and slogans.... that really does set the party atmosphere.




This is from the levee of the crowd!!! This party is getting bigger every year!!Halfway up the levee, for Algiers Friendship Day 2012







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